Date Time Hare Venue Instructions
Sun, April 14 4pm Open Karlkurla Park main entrance Start of school holidays
Sun, April 21 4pm Digga Western Road. Drive north on Gateacre Road, cross Gt E Hwy, cross railway line, turn left (west). Follow road, which changes to dirt, until come to a right turn. Turn right (north) until you see hash van. Easter Sunday
Sun, April 28 4pm Gallipoli To Be Announced, possibly Centennial Park Anzac Day - Remembering those left behind
Sun, May 5 4pm Twin Tubs/Pills Burkett Ave, Hannans On Maritana Street, drive past Hannans Bvde shopping centre, count the streets on the left. The 4th street on the left is Burkett Ave, turn into it, then follow chalk marks to run site.
Sun, May 12 4pm Tombstone + Pothead’s Mothers Day run cnr Piesse + Burt St "Its deja vu all over again." (Today is Yogi Berra's birthday. The NY Yankees coach said this famous quote)
Sun, May 19 - Cycle 4pm Tosh Tosh's house Bring a bicycle. Today is the birthday of famous cyclists Ho Chi Minh, Kemil Attaturk and Malcolm X
Sun, May 26 4pm Hot Rod/Pills 16 Elizabeth St, Mullingar May delight in Mullingar. Who said “Life is tough, but its tougher when you’re stupid” ... a famous quote from this person whose birthday is today. There is a prize for the correct guess in the circle.
Sunday, June 2, long 4pm Slammer 64 King St, Boulder Passports required for Kalgoorlie foreigners. On this day in 455, the Vandals entered Rome and sacked it for two weeks. Boulder residents hope Kalgoorlie hashers leave peacefully
Sun, June 9 4pm Dead Ringer + Horny 6 Kunanalling Ct, Hannans Hashers rejoice as today is National Heroes Day in Uganda
Sun, June 16 4pm Mr Squiggles, Donald Trump + Che Guevara Birthday run, TBA Mr Squiggles ran for 40 years from 1959 to 1999. His assistants included Miss Gina, Miss Pat + Miss Jane
Sun, June 23 4pm Crap +101 for Crap's Birthday run 48 Clancy Street Shortest day of the year. On this day in 2016, 52% of Britain voted to leave the European Union
Sun, June 30 4pm Lone Arranger TBA Wear red to celebrate Canada Day (July 1). On this day in 975, King Edgar the Peaceful, not to be confused with Lisa the Merciless, fell ill, dying a week later
Sun, July 7 4pm Batman/Drizzle Qui Sait? Tour de Piss. On July 7, 1947, a UFO described as a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.
Sun, July 14 4pm Tba Tba On July 14, 1789, the French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille
Sun, July 21 2pm Ernest Hemingway + Cat Stevens b’day run 1/2 km north of Arboretum on Hawkins Street, go north past the Arboretum + the cemetery. At T- junction look for hash camp This is a post-Goldfields Pipeline Marathon run, always very enjoyable. The briefest of runs then a bbq + refreshments.
Sun, July 28 4pm Tba Tba July 28 marks a 2-day holiday in Peru celebrating independence from Spain